“Our building was struck by lightning overnight frying our servers, switches, firewall & phone system. Lakeside techs alerted us immediately that our system was down most likely caused by a power outage. We had our office manager let them in at about 4 am to asses to the situation. Once it was discovered that most of the equipment was damaged beyond repair. They sprung in to action and provided us with a spare server, switches, and firewall. This got us to the minimal level functionality while new equipment was being ordered and delivered. They were able to restore all of our data and had us back up and running within 24 hrs. They ported our phone numbers to their hosted VoIP solution, so we didn’t miss a beat. They worked with us in filling an insurance claim to reimburse us for the damaged equipment and cost of setting it up. Which was essentially twice since it had to be done again when the new replacement equipment arrived. We did have to call off our appointments the day of the lightning strike but were back in business the following day. Then when the new equipment arrived, they did all the work over the weekend. This way we weren’t down at all during business hours. Then that following Monday they had a technician onsite just in case of issues but everything was working perfectly. They also installed a lightning rod on our roof, grounded all the equipment in our server room, installed a much higher end surge protector and battery backups. Fully protecting us from ever having this happen to us again. In my opinion not many other IT companies would have been able to get us back up so quickly and would have the available spare equipment. Lakeside Techs really saved us from what could have been 1-2 weeks of downtime. We didn’t lose a single customer and only loss one day of focus groups due to the strike. We highly recommend Lakeside Techs and mention them whenever asked by anyone who we use for our managed IT support needs.”

Focus Group & Product Marketing Content Writers:
“Lakeside Techs does what several companies used to do for us and not only that but they do it better. We had a vendor for our IT support, a vendor for our printers/copiers/scanners, a vendor for our audio visual, a vendor for our security system, a vendor for our cloud hosting including colocation and yet another vendor for our phone system. They’ve made managing our technology actually easy. When something does go wrong which it rarely does, we know exactly who to call. Then usually within minutes they are logged in to our system fixing the issue. Since they manage all of our systems the integration between them is seamless allowing us to do things, we didn’t even know were possible.”

Media Production & Content Rights Holder:
“With Lakeside Techs we know the work will get done and not just that done right. We’ve never had a problem with unfinished projects or reoccurring issues. Which was a constant struggle with our previous technician.”

Touring Sound & Event Production:
“We were informed by one of our biggest clients that they now required PCI/DSS compliance in order to continue processing payments for their customers and we only had 30 days to comply. After informing Lakeside Techs of our dilemma, they were able to come up with a solution within a couple days. They were then able to implement their solution in a little over two weeks and one of those weeks was just waiting for equipment to arrive. It was paramount we locked down each computer severely limiting access to only the few sites and applications we use. Disabling all the USB ports, forcing strong passwords that had to be changed every six months, running enterprise level antivirus, enabling strong disk encryption on the servers, centralized two factor authentication with group policy, disabled all WiFi with rogue access point blocking, placing all the server equipment in a locked rack that’s in a locked room and a unified threat management device that blocks access to content at the network layer that can even detect viruses before they reach our PCs. They also created a best practices computer usage manual and training for the employees. In a little over two weeks, they were able to get us complaint and then every 90 days they run an audit to confirm we are still in compliance. Then with their Lake View real time monitoring platform we are alerted to possible threats that would revoke our compliance so that they can get resolved before any harm is done.”

Debt Collection & Consolidation:
“Lakeside Techs ITaaS solution has really taken all the guess work out of the whole IT process. We know exactly what it is going to cost year to year. Removing all the decision-making regarding IT infrastructure saving weeks maybe months of work hours. With a fixed budget it really leaves us to focus on our business and not IT. Everything just works and is something I just don’t worry or even think about anymore.”

Electrical Engineering:
“Using Lakeside Techs Lake View platform we get real time alerts with system status, so when things go down, we are informed immediately. As we get notified so does Lakeside Techs and they start working on the problem before we can even call, which really does provide a certain level of peace of mind knowing these things are being watched and taken care.”

Real Estate & Property Management:
“Very knowledgeable and friendly tech team that makes troubleshooting issues a breeze. Lakeside Techs has always been available when we’ve needed them. There’s never a question over any invoice we receive because of the level of detail that’s included. We see everything that was worked on, when, by who, who opened the ticket, how long it took and what the resolution was. This is something we did not receive with our previous techs just a number with what we owed.”

Cleaning Services:
“Our company received a crippling virus that spread all over our network and attached its self to all of our files despite the fact we had antivirus installed on all the computers and servers. We hired two different technicians to try and remove the infection, but both were unsuccessful. They would remove the virus but a day or two later it would come right back. Lakeside techs started by segmented our network by department to isolate the infection and installed a next generation firewall or UTM. Once that was done it was discovered that the infection was originating from the accounting department. Now that the network was segmented and all communication from one department to another had to go through the firewall blocking the virus from spreading further. After lakeside analyzed how the accounting department was using the system it was discovered they were saving all their files on USB thumb drives and not the server. Their reason being they didn’t want other people in the company to gain access to those files. It turned out that one of the flash drives had a virus built in to the drives hardware drivers so all they had to do was plug it in and the virus would install its self. Lakeside Techs recovered all the files and moved them to a virtual private server that only accounting has access to. Then we threw out all the thumb drives and disabled the USB ports, so no one else could plug a flash drive in. We informed all the employees then updated our computer usage policy to restrict the use of thumb drives and made sure it was a part of new employee training. Without lakeside techs we could have been sued and forced out of business. The virus put us two months behind and reverted our company to using paper to conduct business. They even helped us install a very fast scanner with OCR, so we could scan in all the paper invoices we made during the ordeal. With that we were able to get everything back to normal in less then two weeks saving us from months of manually reentering all the data. We owe our business to Lakeside Techs that we were able to find them when we did. Utilizing their Lake View monitoring and Unified Threat Management. We haven’t had a single unforeseen issue or single virus. The Lake View monitoring proactively finds problems before they impact our business. Then the unified threat management detects and removes viruses before reaching our PCs or servers. Thanks again lakeside techs we couldn’t ask for anything more. We recommend them to all businesses who don’t want to worry about their IT they just want it to work.”

Auto & Property Insurance Provider:

All the testimonials are from our clients and really happened as described. In some cases, the testimonial were written by our staff but approved and signed off on by the customer in question. Nothing has been embellished our written in a way that makes it appear better than what actually happened. We stand by all our work and guarantee satisfaction.