Step 1

Initial meeting and audit:

Everything starts with you scheduling one of our engineers to come out to your location(s) to catalog all of your IT infrastructure down to the model and version number of each piece of equipment. We also work with your team to understand and note how your entire IT process works.

Our Free Audit includes the following and is performed by a certified engineer.


Checking if the PC’s, Servers, and all other infrastructure is up to date and equipped enough to run as designed.


Assuring all software, systems and firmware is the latest version according to the manufacturers website.


Run various speed tests and note network topology. Document all IP addresses and subnets in use including IoT. Note connection speeds of each device looking for bottlenecks including the internet. Check for dropped packets, signal gain, latency and jitter. Finally, inspect the physical lines noting the cable type and condition.


Note all cyber security infrastructure including firewalls, UTMs, virus protection, and security procedures.


Checking to see if all the systems are regularly backed up including your important data and working properly by performing a test restore.


Assuring up to date IT policies that are understood and followed by the staff. Including proper use of PCs on the network, breaches and ransomware infections.

Step 2

Report and Analysis

Using all the information gathered, We discuss the audit results making critical and any other note worthy recommendations about your IT infrastructure. Finally ways we can enhance your processes and IT experience with the latest proven technologies.

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