Yes, we provide support for any configuration from one to multiple cloud based services. Including all the major service providers already listed plus Digital ocean, Equinix, Linode, Vultr, Rackspace, Digital realty, Coresite, Godaddy, Salesforce, Oracle, OVH, InMotion, HostGator, Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, DreamHost, Hostwinds and any other service provider you may be using. We also support hybrid environments that use both cloud and in house infrastructure. In addition to support, we also perform consultations, migrations, installations, consolidations, integration, simplification, upgrades, full system/network refreshes and anything else you may need. When we first meet, we will perform a free audit of all your businesses IT assets and service providers. From that audit data we perform an initial analysis compiling a report of what all you have, where it’s located, what you are paying, negative/positive attributes of your IT setup based on your feedback and our knowledge of all the products/services available in the market. From there we compile a more detailed analysis based on monitoring your usage over the course of a couple months. Then we provide recommendations based on everything we’ve learned about your business and IT processes. That could be anything from don’t change a thing, to ways of increasing your return on investment, to more efficient and or time saving methods that don’t sacrifice the quality of your finished product. Then if you are interested in any or all of our recommendations. We set up demos or test environments this way you don’t have to take our word for it. Now you and your team get to try it out. Let you see for yourself what else is possible without having to spend a ton of money or make a decision that could severely impact your business.