“Lakeside Techs is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Prohibits Discrimination and Harassment of Any Kind: Lakeside Techs is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity for all employees and to providing employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment. All employment decisions at Lakeside Techs are based on business needs, job requirements, and individual qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion or belief, national, social or ethnic origin, sex (including pregnancy), age, physical, mental or sensory disability, HIV Status, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, marital, civil union or domestic partnership status, past or present military service, family medical history or genetic information, family or parental status, or any other status protected by the laws or regulations in the locations where we operate. Lakeside Techs will not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on any of these characteristics.”

That being said we also promote a relaxed work environment that stresses team work and the advancement of one self. Want to learn a new skill, get another certification or master a programming language speak with your supervisor for study guides and mentoring. Then when you’re ready to take a certification exam we will cover the cost. Is it a slow day and you don’t have any assignments to do? Feel free to play a video game, pop on Netflix, read a book, socialize with you coworkers, learn something new, take on initiative within the company to make an improvement or just meditate to clear then sharpen your thoughts. You are given almost limitless latitude to do things your way as long as your work gets done correctly, on time, to the satisfaction of your team members and the customer. What you do on your free time is your business but we encourage you to consider how your actions could reflect on the organization. We will stand by our employees decisions as long as they don’t adversely effect any one else or put themselves or others in danger. Your personal views are your personal views we aren’t the thought police nor do we want a bunch of sheep. At Lakeside Techs we advocate for thinking outside of the box but we wont stand for the alienation of people or groups.

Along those lines we know the times are changing and as of January 1st 2020 recreational marijuana will become legal in Illinois with medical use already being legal. While we do promote a drug free work environment and do not allow the usage of cannabis or any other drug that’s not been prescribed by a licensed physician or used as directed by said physician is still strictly prohibited during work hours. We have no objection to the use of legal substances during your personal time as long as it doesn’t affect your work while on the clock. However if you are involved in an accident that causes injury to yourself or anyone else a drug test will be administered at this time. If it’s found that you were impaired at the time of the incident it would be grounds for immediate termination. Which would absolve Lakeside Techs from any and all liability surrounding the event. If you do find yourself with a substance abuse problem we are here to help. Coming to us for help would not put your job at risk as long as you come to us before any incident occurs. This will be kept private according to your wishes and we will assist in helping find treatment programs. Then we will provide a support group of people that you can call on when having temptations or just need someone to talk with to bounce ideas or concerns off of. Our goal is not to punish people but to help and we want people to feel safe asking for that help rather than scared of possible repercussions. We view substance abuse as a disease and just as much as diabetes one of the leading causes of death in the united states. Sure we could say eat healthier and exercise more which is proven to reduce the risk but its more complicated than that. This is why we want to treat these issues as an on going group effort with the shared goal of improving your overall well-being rather than just addressing the symptoms. We also acknowledge that what helped one person may not help the next so creating individual plans for each person is key.

We also strive for innovation encouraging the research and design of new products and or processes. There are no bad ideas some are just better than others so speak your mind but don’t be offended if not everyone agrees with you. Lakeside Techs needs employees that can handle constructive criticism with the ability to listen and try to understand view points other than your own. We cant have a bunch of yes men/women or rebels without a cause. It is OK to play devils advocate at times but we cant have everyone disagreeing with everything just because they didn’t think of it first. We are a team and we either fail or succeed as a team. It’s not just one persons idea or efforts that make things possible. The team is what makes it possible so getting along with your teammates is crucial to our business model. If you aren’t a team player Lakeside Techs wont be a good fit for you. We also wont tolerate people trying to advance their career at the expense of others. If you want to advance your career you need to advance yourself or the company. We are not in to keeping secrets from others within our organization. Promoting an open decision making process with input from anyone that has an opinion on the matter. However it is very important to keep ours plus our clients ideas, views, trade secrets, intellectual property (IP), decision making processes, future plans, research and development (R&D) from leaking out whether on purpose for some form of gain including to ones ego or on accident by slip of tongue.

Lastly we are looking for people willing to work here for the rest of their life. Dedicating to us your full professional time and abilities. Not using us as just some second job or temporary limited time gig. For that sacrifice we are willing to reward your loyalty and dedication through a vesting employee stock option program. Now you can share in the success you helped to create. Making you an owner and not just some employee creating a real family environment where people really care. We know when we’ve succeeded when you no longer view this as a job but a way of life and the people not just as coworkers but friends that you would trust with your life. We will never put the company above its worker because a company is its workers. As Marcus Lemonis would say people process product is the foundation of every successful business. If you like what you see shoot us a resume. We’ve listed a couple positions below but we will entertain others. If you are a sole proprietor or owner of your own IT services company we are open to mergers, acquisitions or partnerships.

0yrs+ Experience

Recently graduated or still in college studying technology. A technician with no formal experience. Will perform internal tasks such as inventorying, small projects, uploading and organizing files. Creating backups of internal files and ISO’s. Assist tiers 1-3 technicians while learning the different networks and systems. Answer help desk line if all technicians are occupied and create tickets for assignment. Determine whether you are a good fit for our company from yours and our perspectives.

Tier 1 Help Desk Technician
1yr-3yrs+ Experience

Reply to tickets from the support phone line, ticketing system and support email group. Create tickets based on the issue and assign said ticket to the appropriate technician, engineer or support tier 1-3. Any basic issues will be dealt with at this level and when confirmed resolved the ticket is closed only after submitting the time it was worked on and the resolution to the issue. Issues may include password resets, adding/removing users, troubleshooting application/software issues, setting up email on desktop or phone, answer general questions, respond to alerts generated by managed services platform, join new PCs to domain, Install approved software/applications, perform updates, remove viruses, PC tuneups and install or update drivers. Answer to the help desk manager direct questions to them and for any general guidance. Act as an assistance to any of the higher tier technicians and engineers.

Tier 2 Field Technician
3yrs-5yrs+ Experience

Perform work onsite at the clients office or place of business. This could be adding, replacing, upgrading, fixing desktops, thin clients, printers/scanners/copiers, monitors/TVs, peripherals, L2 Switches, phones, cables, UPSs, PDUs, Basic Firewalls/Routers, and Racks. Coordinate with the engineer who performed the initial installation and the held desk manager for the resolution of complex issues. Create a ticket for each issue with a description, time in which it was worked on, the issue resolution and then close out the ticket. Go onsite with an engineer to assist on whatever they need assistance with. When no field work is available assist in closing unsolved or difficult help desk tickets the tier 1 techs could not solve.

IT Marketing & Sales Specialist

We are looking for someone very familiar with digital marketing techniques. Including SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email marketing, Craigslist, Yelp, WHT, & Facebook. Individuals with existing client lists would be great and a referral fee can be decided upon after calculating the gross and net profit. Would prefer someone that didn’t require a lot of direction and can hit the ground running. We would train someone willing to work off mostly commission and a small salary.