To make this a no brainer we’ve made trying our service a no risk, no cost and as simple of a process as possible. In addition to the discounts we are also offering the Free Technology Audit and new customer initial on-boarding.

25% Discount Off First IT Project


First Months Free IT Support

With our free audit, free on-boarding and first month’s free IT support you can take us for a test drive without any risk. No credit card or payment info required, no contract with fine print a lawyer needs to read to make any sense out of or that needs to be canceled before a certain date.  If you don’t wish to continue with our company you simply stop using our support and or services. If you do continue after that first month is over you are only on the hook for the time after that month ended. You will be sent an email at least two business days before that month ends making you aware of the end date. On the end date you will be sent a contract for continued service with several terms to choose from. All of which we will have gone over with you before initiating the free months service. If you do continue service/support after the end date but do not wish to sign a contract. You will only be charged for the time from at the end of that first month until service/support was ceased. The hourly rate of our support and cost of any service being tried out in that first month will be agreed upon by both parties before starting the trial period. That is how confident we are in the quality of our service. We don’t need to use a gym membership or streaming service hustles to trick people into thinking they are getting a free trial just to be stuck in to a long-term contract or end up with a bill containing hidden fees for what was advertised as free.

We take all the risk knowing it will pay off in the end and gives our prospective customers a way to make what could be a huge decision without a shot in the dark. Some of our competitor’s lure customers in with too good to be true commitments that they are unable or unwilling to fulfill once a long-term contract is signed. We only use sales engineers not just sales people. Our sales engineers don’t make any kind of a commission and don’t benefit at all by upselling more expensive or un needed services. They have the knowledge of exactly what the capabilities of our services are. Not just what is written on a brochure or will only work under very select circumstances. Our sales engineers started as engineers giving them insight beyond just memorizing the spec sheets. Beware of the slick talking sales person in the Armony suit that promises everything under the sun and then some. That butters you up with free box tickets to your favorite sports team. Who won’t tell you what they can’t do and who then disappears after the contract is signed. Our sales engineers aren’t flashy, they aren’t slick talkers, they won’t be giving away any box seat tickets or a fully paid nights out on the town. They will let you know the limitations of our services; they will never sell you something we are unwilling or uncapable of doing. The pricing will be the most accurate since our sales engineers know exactly what equipment, software, version, labor will be required and have no incentive to recommend what costs more or takes longer to install. This will result in the most accurate ROI and CAPEX vs OPEX calculations for you to base your decision off of. We will also be able to more accurately produce a timeline from planning to completion along with the resources required to meet this timeline. If you have a deadline this could make a huge difference because a sales person will tell you whatever you want to hear. You need it done in a week sure just sign on the dotted line. Two weeks later you’re hearing every excuse from shipping delays to required engineers are in the hospital fighting for their life.

To sum it up our approach to taking on new clients is unique to us but for all the right reasons. No other firm offer risk free trials, honest and accurate sales engineers with no lone sales people. That is built around developing and maintaining a trusted relationship even if that means telling you something you might not want to hear. If you trust we will always have your best interest at the heart of every decision we know that we are doing our job right. In highly technical fields it’s very easy to make up anything that is in our best interest. It’s people and companies like that who end up giving us all a bad reputation. Which is something we strive to fix through honesty and transparency. No slick talking fake salesmen pretending to be interested in your family. Who knows more about your favorite sports team, when your anniversary is or your wife’s birthday than the operation of your IT infrastructure. Not to say we don’t care about your personal life we just care the most about what you hired us for and that’s the technology needed to run your business. Always looking for ways to improve, save you money and keeping you focused on running your business not worrying about whether or not your IT services provider will do what they promised. That all your technology is working the best it can be. If any problems do arise, we will be on it before you even notice. Everything we bill for is extensively documented in our ticketing system which is available at any time and saved forever. Every issue is recorded, who all worked on it, when they worked on it down to the minute, with the entire process of resolving it documented containing every step, updated in real time and containing the exact resolution. That other engineers can reference in the future or audited by a third party for accuracy. Finally knowing you are getting the best bang for your buck and the ability to pay as you go if and when issues or projects arise at a fixed hourly rate. That or a fixed flat monthly/annual rate based on number of users. That can include everything from unlimited support to all the technology equipment, software, cloud hosting, high speed redundant internet, VoIP phone system/PBX, multi office work from anywhere design, website development/hosting, SEO, domain registration, ecommerce, email, DOS/DDOS mitigation, CDN, printers, laptops, PCs, servers, file sharing/storage, backups, antivirus, firewall/UTM, switches/routers, mesh WIFI corporate/guest access, CCTV/NVR, keyboards, monitors, digital marketing, printers/copiers/scanners, digital signage, mobile device management, internet browsing restrictions, authentication/two factor authentication, single sign on (SSO), point of sales machines, building network/internet/telephone/TV wiring, intrusion detection prevention, employee monitoring, UPS battery backup, spam filtering, HIPAA, PCI/DSS certification, data loss prevention, ransomware detection/blocking, network/system monitoring, ERP/ERM, QuickBooks, biometric/keycard door access systems and anything else technology related you may require.

To get started check out our Contact Us page to fill out the contact form, call, text or email us to schedule an appointment for a free audit or go over any questions you may have.